The history behind acne no more: reviews

Like so many people before and after him, Mike Walden suffered from embarrassing acne, and had little to no success with every conventional treatment he tried. Because he was interested in health and wellness at a relatively young age, he devoted over seven years to developing his program, which is why so many acne no more reviews are overwhelmingly positive.

Big laboratories or major medical companies promote most acne cures, and so these treatments often lack the individual experiences of typical people. Walden experienced this first-hand, and so set out to find a system that could help him with his own problems.

Tired of being embarrassed by his skin, Walden embarked on a long path of study and trials to develop his system. He incorporated elements of holistic medicine, nutrition, and overall wellness to figure out which combinations would help reduce his own problems.

What is so convincing is that Walden developed this system because of his own struggles and used himself as a testing subject for many years. He knew first-hand what the traditional medications did for him, and was therefore able to compare the results of his efforts directly with them.

Walden’s book contains many of his own experiences, and he is so confident in the program that he even provides his email address for users to directly contact him with any questions or concerns.

Walden’s experience as a medical researcher, nutrition expert, and writer, along with his years of trials of natural and holistic as well as chemical-based acne treatments have given him the knowledge to ensure that his system actually works. As opposed to large pharmaceutical companies, Walden developed and tried his system for himself, and after having such amazing results decided to share his successes with the world.