Most Addictive Android Games Since 2012

The year 2012 saw a revolution in mobile phone gaming with several Android games keeping people across the continents hooked with their easy playability and addictive value. Here we make a list of our favorites that have kept us going on for a long time.

Temple Run

This was the game that started it all. It seems quite boring to think of a man running endlessly while jumping over gaps on bridges and branches that block his path, and collect coins all along. However, this game was addictive as damnation. People just could not get enough of this game and kept playing on and on till they reached the highest levels and collected coins. The game is still going on quite strong.

Angry Birds

Who can ignore this franchise? Just a single catapult and a vast array of birds is all that this game needed to hit those evil piggies. The game spawned a large amount of merchandise and its new versions that came out after 2012 are still going on quite strong.

Subway Surfers

This game was built on the same concept as Temple Run, that of endless running, but here the person runs over train tops. It is addictive fun too, and the boosters are really what make this game so much more interesting. There is also a jet pack for those who wish to go high.

Hungry Shark

This is another nomination for best 2013 game on Google Play Store. It has you controlling a shark as it goes berserk eating anything in its path. The game has an Evolution version as well, where the shark upgrades and evolves to bigger and more menacing versions as the player levels up. This game is so popular that it boasts of the highest number of hungry shark evolution hack websites built around it.