Signs you have Bedbugs

Whenever you see a bug in your home, you’re left wondering what kind it is and whether or not it will cause harm to yourself and bedbug exterminator in Staten island  those you love. The concern over insect identification has heightened over the past few years since bedbugs become a huge problem across the U.S. Are you wondering if the insect seen in your home is a bedbug? There are several signs that point to a bedbug in your home. Remember there is usually more than one bug, so if you see one, there are others as well.

Signs of Bedbugs

Bites occurring during the middle of the night is the most obvious sign that you have bedbugs. These bites are most likely to occur around your face, hands or feet, although they can occur anywhere. The bites are usually very itchy and may swell.

If you notice feces or red spots on your bed, this is another indication that bedbugs are present in your home. These spots usually occur when a bug is smashed while feeding or using the bathroom! Skeletons left behind is also a sign that you have bedbugs.

Do you notice a smell that you’ve never noticed before? Many people say that bedbugs leave a sweet aroma when they are present. If there is a new odor in the room that you’ve newly noticed, there is a good chance that it is bed bugs.

The Next Steps

Call a if you suspect that you have bedbugs in your home. They have the right products to eliminate the pest from your home quickly and with ease once they perform a thorough inspect to determine if it is, in fact, bed bugs bothering you. Choose the bedbug exterminator in Staten Island carefully and if you’ve spotted a bedbug get treatment fast.